Dokra Tribal Woman Sitting On The Bed

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Product Code: PVPGDK022

Material: Brass

Dimension: 12cm(L)x6.5cm(W)x10cm(H) 

Weight: 170gm

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About Dokra:

Dhokra (also spelled Dokra) is non–ferrous metal casting using the ‘lost-wax casting’ technique, carrying its legacy for over 4,000 years in India, named after 'Dhokar Damar,' a nomadic Indian tribe. These ‘out of the box’ creators initially resided in the Bankura-Dariapur belt in West Bengal, parts of Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.

Dhokra art from West Bengal is characterized by the adornment of sculpted figurines with thin and twisted brass wires, appreciated globally for its rustic appearance backed by a primitive minimalist look. The thin-wired adornments and the folk motifs add charm to the artistry.

Considering one’s individual choice to encourage local and folk art, it is important to understand that our rich past is our legacy and should not fade away or die down. There are several tribal families in Indian villages that spend all their waking hours creating unique handicrafts using their hands, doing their best to keep the ancient art alive. It can be a tasteful décor item for your house. Bring home a handmade piece of Dhokra art to help a tribal family in its endeavor to maintain the essence of the artwork.