Cellular Signal

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Cellular Signal

লেখক : Uma Maji Mukherjee / Translated by Barindranath Das

পৃষ্ঠা : 82

Have you ever touched the wings of grasshopper? It's throbbing resembles like a man captivated in a jam. According to T.S. Eliot's 'My heart throbs like an engine', the self of the poet throbs within four walls. Thereform springs the thought-Where is the door to get out. Then a poem comes out. According to R.N Tagore -'Come out from yourself /then only you get a response from the universe. Subjects like nature, loves, politics etc. spring response in the mind of the young poet. There are captivated on lines of a poem. The translator (Barindranath Das) touched up a number of poems from the poet's book of poetry 'CELLULAR-SIGNAL', viz. 'Bristir annual conference in Uttar Bangey' 'Teestaparer Brittanta', 'Batase Sindhupukur Danar dheu', Sei Nitingale pakhita', 'Neeltarar Mato', Sarobare ek chand uthechilo', 'Neel Tarader Ahobhan', He translated the same in English. The difference of age between the poet and the translator can not stand in the meeting of minds in a point. Hence the translation has became creation itlelf. Readers would feel that the translator has successfully reached the core of original poems.

আকার (cm) : 14 (l) X 22 (b) X 1 (h)